About Us

While I was researching the actual market in existing tools for ECU setup and reprogramming, the results of my findings were all unsatisfactory. Some tools are hand held units with no flexibility and there are many other restrictions. They provide little certainty to the accuracy of your work.

Others are PC based units offering better help files and although they provide some flexibility, these tools still don’t disclose full access to the memory. This creates a problem when wanting to program into the memory the car’s personalized information, such as VIN number, immobilizer or anti-theft status.

More importantly, the biggest disadvantage is that they don’t cater to the US market. This brought our team to create our own tools for every car on the US market. We’ve put them to use with great success. We are ready to market these tools with the back-up of our knowledge and experience unlike most sales people who don’t have either.

With the help of recent technology in vehicle networking, we’ve developed tools not only to diagnose vehicle problems but also to reprogram, and calibrate engine controller, body controller and other modules through diagnostic connector. It also saves you from removing modules from under the dash and lifting pins and chips off the board.

Our research is in constant development to include a bigger variation of vehicles to keep you up to date.

Jprog Team!