1) From Android Market download and install ASTRO file manager or
you can use any other file manager if you have one

2) Connect your Android device to pc.

3) Go to My Computer
Now you should be able to see on your PC android device as USB drive.
If you can’t see it you have to enable and/or connect USB storage

4) Unzip on your pc file containing Jprog android software package
This file name must be speedoshop.

5) Copy this file to your android device SD card or USB storage memory.

6) Turn off USB storage on your android device.

7) Go to android device Settings-> Applications, and allow non market applications installation.

8) Run ASTRO file manager and click Home this will bring you to the android device internal storage Root directory.

9) You must see file speedoshop directory you copied from PC in step 4
Using ASTRO file manager, tap JprogAndroid.apk file located inside
speedoshop directory, and follow Install dialog
Allow JProg tool application to use Storage, Network communication, and System tools.

Android Bluetooth Setup:

Go to your android device Settings -> Wireless $ Networks-> Bluetooth settings
a) Make sure Bluetooth is ON (Turn ON if not)
b) Scan for devices
c) In discovered Bluetooth devices section find Jprog-VCI
d) Tap on Jprog-VCI status will say (Pair with this device)
e) In Bluetooth Pairing dialog enter pin “default” or 0000 and click OK
f) When paired successfully status will say (Paired but not connected)