When something is not working follow this couple of steps before contacting support!
If you were sent link to this page it means you didn’t follow instructions and file you sent us is not valid.
Please pay attention and follow all instructions again without skipping any step

1) Download latest firmware files from downloads page (if file don’t exist it means that latest software package have to be downloaded )
replace your old firmware files ( instructions are included in zip file ).

2) Connect to vehicle or cluster as per instructions and retry.
If problem is not vehicle related simply run operation that failed
If problem is still there go to step 3

3) iOS (Apple product) users close error message and send error log from tools menu including detailed explanation.
For all other OS types.
Close software and don’t reopen until you complete step 4

4) Contact us with log files ( see bellow) and detailed explanation
when writing explanation of the problem keep in mind that person who is reading your email can’t see your connections or display. Explanation should be short but include all the necessary details.
This file/files are created by JProg executable in its directory

Android devices: send.log file ( send as attachment to email )
JPad: send.log file ( send as attachment to email )
Win Mobile: send.log file ( send as attachment to email )
PC software send.log file ( send as attachment to email )
I-Phone send.log file ( send from Tools menu selection )

NOTE: if file is too large to email delete it and restart software will create new file

5) Wait for our replay


We replay to emails during business hours Monday-Thursday 10am-5Pm EST
We reply to Limited E-mails on Friday.
If you sent e-mail Friday-Sunday and didn’t get replay
Please make sure your email have all information we require
and resend it again during normal business hours.
Team Viewer support session is only available on Windows PC and Team Viewer 8
that can be downloaded from our website Downloads page.

We will not do any software modifications unless vehicle is present
for the time required