1) Contact US before you ship any package to get correct shipping address.

2) Open Jprog_PC Software directory and find file Service_Support request form ( or download it from this link )
Fill it up with as much details as possible. Please make sure you include detailed description of problem, and vehicles that are affected.
You have to provide valid Fed-ex account number, or a payment for return shipping. (Please check with us for return shipping cost.)
Print it and include in the package

3) When you fill customs declaration and way bill please make sure that Items sent for repair or setup are valued at 1$.
If you value the shipment more then 5$, on the way bill you have to select Sender pays duties.

!!! Important Notes !!!

Sorry we do not use any other carrier then Fed-ex!

Packages missing any important information or payment for return shipping will not be processed.

Packages valued at more than $5 will be refused.