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J-Pad Handheld interface

J-Pad Handheld interface
J-Pad Handheld interface

J-Pad Handheld interface

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Sorry J-Pad is no longer available!
We currently offer J-prog interface  that will fully replace J-pad functionality  and can be controlled with I-phone or Android Smart-phone or Pc to program instrument cluster digital odometer

J-Pad Handheld Interface is a combination of the two best products in their categories: Microsoft Windows CE and Jprog 7 Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI Module).
Jprog VCI module has been used for many years by industry professionals. It is capable of delivering all types of OBD2 protocols required with only one OBD2 adapter. Unlike our competitors needing at least 2 or 3 adapters.
Jprog VCI module is also capable delivering all needed signals and types of communication for ON BENCH vehicle module programming. It supports direct-to-chip-connections and OEM style through-plug-programming with minimum adapters. Our product elliminates the costly inconvenience of needing the many different adapters offered by the competition.
Familiar Windows environment lets you start using J-Pad immediately without reading user manuals, and re-reading them every time you have to perform such simple task as software update.
When you connect J-Pad to PC you can simply drag and drop software update file as you would do with USB jumpdrive.
7" LCD touch screen display delivers a clear picture and a help files when you need it. The competitors 2" displays requires a magnifier to see images or text, especially when working with Hex editor.
We studied all tools on this market and we believe that there is no tool that is easier and more user friendly then J-Pad!

All Hardware is backed by 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects parts and labor and 3 years labor only.

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