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JProg Mini

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Developed In Canada! Made in Canada! Tested on real USA and Canadian vehicles!

Finally here smallest yet extremely powerful OBD2 Digital odometer programmer!
JProg Mini is a product of 12 years experience in development and manufacturing of
OBD2 Diagnostic hardware and software For North-American automotive market!

Automotive manufacturers are rapidly expanding OBD2 programming capabilities.
Almost 80% of vehicles sold in USA and Canada are OBD2 programmable.

We are the only company who is real developer of software for Digital Odometer programming in North America
and we proud to say copied by many European and Chinese competitors but no one do it better!

J-Prog interface can not be sold without Vehicle coverage package
please add Coverage package to cart first  from our Software webstore 

JProg Mini Can be used with Android Smartphone or Tablet!
If you are apple user you can use I-Phone / I-Pad digital Odometer programming software!
Those who prefer Pc/Laptop Odometer software can use JProg Mini connecting USB or Bluetooth
JProg interface family being used for many years by industry professionals and armatures and it is capable of
delivering all types of OBD2 protocols required with only OBD2 adapter. Unlike our competitors
who require at least 2 or 3 adapters.

All Hardware is backed by 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects, parts and labor and 3 years labor only.

Buy with confidence! You are purchasing genuine tool directly from most known industry developer!

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