Up 2 Date Package

Up 2 Date Package

Up 2 Date Package
Up 2 Date Package

Up 2 Date Package

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Categories: Software
Manufacturer: speedoshop.com
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To see Models coverage for this package check this link

This software package including.

All software released up to date of sale
Updates FREE.

OBD2 Adapter.
EE/ISP Adapter.
AD912 Adapter.
Universal-1 Adapter.
External power Adapter.
SOIC-8 Clip
NISSAN Pogo - No longer in production (included until quantity left)
Ford BDM Strate connector
Ford BDM Mirror connector.

This Package is not including:
Any software released after sale date.

Hardware :
This software package requires one of our communication interfaces
J-Prog Mini or JProg.
If you select J-Prog Mini  it will only work on vehicles in OBD2 sections of our software menu
if you select J-Prog interface it will work on all selections in our software menu

FCN # -Feature Content Number. This number is programmed into the hardware interface and represents unlocked software that you can use. This number is accessible by tool users in the J-Prog tool under HELP / ABOUT.

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