Single programming activation or Purchase through our online self service

Connect J-Prog or J-Pad your PC Bluetooth or USB and follow these 6 steps:

1) In Jprog PC software select from the menu vehicle witch you would like activate and click START button.
2) Next dialog window will offer you to select Activation type (Activate Once for 1 time programming orBuysoftware for unlimited usage) 
Next dialog window will display you SEED# you have to enter valid Email address to witch you would like to receive unlock key to submit info to our server you have to be connected to the internet and click on link provided under E-Mail window.
Click here to send request automatically This will open software activation webpage already filled you only have to click SEND button
4) You will receive an e-mail with activation price and link to PayPal website for payment processing.
5) After PayPal send us payment confirmation (usually within 5 minutes) you will receive an e-mail from our server with unlock KEY
6) Copy this key and paste in to KEY window and click OK button to activate software.

Activation of multiple packages or getting a quote
from our Help desk

Every software have ID number which you can find in our Update release email for example
ID 3254    Durango   2011——————————-OBD2 (Reliased)
ID 3245    Jorney     2011——————————-OBD2 (Reliased)
ID 3247    Caravan    2011——————————-OBD2 (Reliased)

If software ID is unknown or you want to activate multiple items then you have to Use MaskComposer.exe utility which you can find in JProg PC software release.

Select software you want to purchase or activate.
Click COPY then Paste to email FCN numbers. for example
FCN1: 2F 21 FF 00 01 13 FF FF

When you will be sending payment for the software you have to include in the comments section of Paypal
Software IDs or FCN numbers of software you sending payment for, and Feature Unlock Number which you can find in Jprog software Tools or Help menu.

We will send you Unlock number witch you have to enter in Feature Unlock dialog Key window and click OK.
Or we will send you file by email witch you have to place in software directory  and run Feature unlock from Jprog Help menu.